What should I include in a final report?

Your final report must include the following:

Questions are asked in the final report regarding the funded project including:

  1. The overall concept, planning, and execution of your project. Include details, such as, who was involved, when it happened, and where it took place. Include comments on the reaction you have been getting to your project and/or the dissemination it has or will be given.
  2. Any challenges you encountered completing the project, how they were resolved, and any changes from your original proposal (e.g. dates, funding sources, personnel, program, etc.) If applicable, you may want to discuss the impact of a reduced grant on your project.
  3. The relevance of the project to you and your artistic work.
  4. Samples of works that were completed as part of the project (i.e., an excerpt of a manuscript, photographs of new works, videos, music and/or video files)
  5. PDF versions of press/promotional/marketing materials for the project.

A Financial Report that includes:

  1. A financial breakdown for your entire project i.e. a complete list of expenditures and revenues.
  2. Copies of receipts/cancelled cheques/signed invoices for the portion of your project funded by ArtsNL as detailed in your application. (Receipts are not required for living expenses or expenses under $25; however these items should be listed on your financial breakdown.)

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