2009 – John Goodyear

Sculptor John Goodyear creates one of a kind wood art pieces in his studio in Torbay. He uses a variety of sculpturing and texturing practices such as the old world technique of hand carving, and the contemporary use of rotary tools, along with sandblasting and any other technique that will allow him to achieve the desired effect.

He typically works with darker hardwoods such as Walnut, Cherry and Mahogany and sometimes other hardwood species such as Osage Orange and Hickory. His choice of wood mainly depends on the look or feel he’s trying to achieve in each sculptural form. Some forms may require a species that exhibits a rich and elegant feel, while other pieces may require more of an organic or rustic appearance. To truly capture the natural beauty of the wood, he finishes each piece using a clear finish only. The level of sheen is usually satin but may be buffed to achieve a flat or high polished look depending on the esthetics required to capture either an elegant, mysterious, or a natural organic appearance.

The pieces John has created for the Arts Awards are made from American Walnut. They are a series of one-of-a-kind sculptured hollow forms, approximately six inches wide and four inches high. These pieces are based on the concept of erosion: the revelation of a lost and secret gift that has been exposed due to the erosion process. They consist of two layers, a thick bark like outer layer, which has an eroded appearance that reveals the inner form. The inner form consists of what appears to be an intricate organic web like structure.

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