2014 – Scott Goudie

Scott Goudie was drawn to visual art at the age of four, drawing with pencils; by the time he was five he was telling his principal that he wanted to be an artist. At eleven Scott started studying various techniques including drawing, watercolour, and oil painting with Paul Parsons in St. John’s.  Goudie would also regularly audit courses at Memorial University in printmaking and ceramics.

Privately, Scott worked with Gerald Squires, Don Wright, and Frank LaPointe who helped him further hone his abilities. He did that before and after his time as a student at the Vancouver College of Art from 1972-73.  After finishing school, Goudie moved to Ottawa where he focused on his artwork, as well as his skills as a musician, before returning to St. John’s in 1977.

He created the St. John’s Series which included 21 prints of historic places while he also worked at St. Michael’s Printshop. That series toured the province and Nova Scotia in 1978. Goudie also spent time in India which later shaped an exhibit for the Memorial University Art Gallery in 1981. He held an artist residency in Berlin in 1995, and has regularly visited Labrador as well.

Much of his work features natural environments and landscapes that show his mastery of mezzo tinting and pastels among other techniques. Of his work, Goudie says, “I paint landscapes devoid of human figures because that’s what I enjoy most. It’s my quiet environmental statement. My travels in the rest of the world have given me a deeper sense of appreciation for the pristine wilderness held within the rugged periphery of this province. They are landscapes rich with light and void of human interference and that is what I want to have reflected in my work.”

Scott Goudie has done 34 solo exhibitions, and over four dozen group shows, since 1977. His work is included in numerous private collections and appears in more than fifty public and corporate collections.

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