Should I include support materials with my application? What can I include as support materials?

Support materials are intended to strengthen your application. They should be appropriate to your application and should reflect your ability to complete your proposed project. All support materials must be in a digital format and must be uploaded to the Support Materials tab in the applicable ArtsNL online application form.

ArtsNL can only accept support materials in the specific formats and to the maximums listed below.

  • Letters of Reference (PDF, max 2) Recommended for first-time applicants to the PPGP. References must be individuals with expertise in the artistic discipline in which you are working. They should be familiar with you and your work, and should be briefed about the specific project for which you are seeking support. References should offer an informed artistic assessment of your project and your ability to complete it. Letters from MHAs and MPs will not be accepted. ArtsNL reserves the right to request letters of reference from any applicant.
  • Images (JPGs, TIFF): A maximum of 20 images may be uploaded. Images should be appropriately titled so assessors can understand how they relate to your project description. It is recommended to submit multiple images in a single pdf document with descriptions of each image included. If uploading multiple images of visual art, an image list detailing the title, medium, size and year of creation for each work should be uploaded as a pdf document in the images section for support materials.
  • Manuscripts (PDF): A maximum of 30 pages of a manuscript may be submitted.
  • Scores (PDF): A maximum of 30 pages of a score may be submitted.
  • Films (MPEG4, QuickTime) Short films or longer works may be submitted. Assessors will typically view up to 30 minutes of video material per application. Video support materials can also be submitted through online links.                           
  • Audio Files (WAV or MP3) Up to five songs or two longer works may be submitted. Assessors typically will review up to 30 minutes of music for each application.
  • Recent Reviews/ Additional Resumes or Bios, etc. (PDF) A maximum of 20 pages of additional documents may be submitted inclusive of this section and the other documents section.
  • Online links for videos (max 2 short videos or one long video) Include any required passwords in your project description.
  • Other Attachments (JPG, TIFF, PDF, MPEG4, Quicktime, WAV, or MP3)

Any support materials uploaded after the application deadline, in an unaccepted format, or beyond the stated maximums will not be reviewed by assessment committees.

Documents stored in Dropbox, Google Docs, or other file sharing platforms cannot be accepted as support materials.

When including support materials please note the following:

  • Images should be of good quality and show only the individual art work. Clearly label images with your name, title of the work, the media, year created, and size of the work, or include this information on a separate page (pdf) in your project description.  It is recommended you submit 10 – 20 images with a visual arts application.
  • Manuscripts (up to 30 pages) should be included for any writing project; ideally it should be from the project for which you are seeking funding. Other writing samples can be included as well. They should be of your best work and, if possible, reflect the subject matter, genre or writing style of the project for which you are seeking support.
  • Audio support material should be of good sound quality, and offer a good sampling of your music. At least two selections should be included with a music application. The title of the works should be in the digital file name.
  • Computer based materials must be viewable on PC and Mac platforms. A website address should not be the only support material included.

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