What should I consider when completing a budget for my project?

Your budget will be thoroughly checked by ArtsNL and peer assessors. Be as clear and precise as possible in your budget projections and notes. Please note the following when completing your budget:

  • Capital costs (i.e. equipment purchase, computers, etc.) are not eligible for funding by ArtsNL.
  • Living allowances in the Professional Project Grants Program are considered for individual applicants only, and can be considered up to a maximum of $3,000 per month for full time work on a project. If you have other sources of income, this should be subtracted from the maximum living allowance.
  • Ensure you do not exceed the maximum grant request for the program you are applying to. Maximum requests are listed on information sheets and budget forms for each program.
  • Fees and travel costs can only be considered for individuals who are 18 years of age or older.
  • ArtsNL Travel Rates: Mileage: 34.31 cents/km.  Per Diem: maximum $49/day in province and $55/day outside the province. These rates may change without notice.
  • Budgeting should be realistic. Major discrepancies will become obvious in the final report.
  • All funds awarded must be spent in accordance with the project description and budget submitted with your application. You should promptly notify ArtsNL of any significant changes in your project plan (i.e. date changes, change to scope of project, etc.)
  • Be complete and accurate in your budgeting. If you are inexperienced with project budgeting, get help from someone with more experience or contact the program manager/officer.
  • Ensure your budget items are detailed and clearly explained, and that your projected income and expenses are balanced.
  • Applicants are expected to explore other sources of funding. ArtsNL is rarely the sole funder of a project.
  • Tuition fees for educational programs that qualify for student loan support are not eligible for funding.
  • In kind support should not be listed in your project budget. It can be listed on a separate page in your application.

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