What should I keep in mind when completing an application to ArtsNL?

Here are some quick tips to keep in mind that will allow ArtsNL to process and assess your application as efficiently as possible.

  1. Registering with the ArtsNL Online Application System: All applicants to ArtsNL must register with the ArtsNL Online Application System. Your registration must be reviewed by ArtsNL staff to confirm you, your group, or your organization meets the eligibility requirements that will allow you to apply to ArtsNL for funding. Online registrations are reviewed by ArtsNL staff. Staff may request additional information to confirm the registrant meets the ArtsNL criteria to be an eligible applicant for funding. Potential applicants are encouraged to complete online registration well before application deadlines. If you are unsure if you meet eligibility criteria, please contact ArtsNL program staff for clarification.  
  2. Final declaration acknowledgement in the online application form: All individuals listed as applicants on the application form must complete the final declaration and acknowledgement in the online application form. Groups and organizations may have a representative (an artistic director, general manager, board member or group member) do so. For ArtsSmarts, the school principal must complete this step.
  3. Financial Statements: All groups and organizations applying for funding from ArtsNL must upload the annual financial statement for its last completed fiscal year as part of an application to ArtsNL. For all but the Sustaining Program for Professional Arts Organizations (SPPAO), this document may be created internally by the applying group or organization, and must list income, expenses, a deficit /surplus for the last completed year, and any accumulated surpluses or deficits for the group or organization.  Financial statements are reviewed by ArtsNL staff only. Organizations and groups are expected to use their own funds to support their arts activities when possible. Significant accumulated surpluses or deficits (25% or more of your annual budget) will be questioned by ArtsNL staff, and will require a written explanation. An SPPAO application requires a review engagement financial statement completed by an independent and accredited financial professional for the last two completed fiscal years of the organization.
  4. Submitting Applications: Applications must be fully complete with final declaration and acknowledgement when submitted and must include all required parts of the application (completed application form, project description, project budget, resumes/bios of key participants, a financial statement for groups and organization, etc) as noted in the applicationfor the specific program.
  5. Submitting Support Materials: All support materials must be uploaded online by the application deadline.
  6. Letters of reference: Two Letters of Reference are recommended, but not required for first-time applicants. They should come from someone with expertise in the artistic discipline in which you are working. The person should be familiar with you and your work, and should be briefed about the specific project for which you are seeking support. The reference should offer an informed artistic assessment of your project, and your ability to complete it. Letters can be submitted with an application, or sent/ emailed directly to ArtsNL by the reference.  Letters from MHAs and MPs will not be accepted as letters of reference. Letters of reference must be uploaded under the support materials tab in the online application by the application deadline.
  7. Project start dates: Ensure your project starts after the date projects must start listed on the information sheet for the program you are applying to. Projects must happen within one year of being funded. ArtsSmarts and School Touring Program projects must happen within the school year in which they are funded.
  8. Project end dates: Project end dates are important because they establish when a final report on your project is due. ArtsNL should be informed in writing if you must change the start or end date for your project.
  9. Fees and Living Expenses: Only individual applicants to the PPGP can apply for living expenses, but an individual applicant cannot request both living expenses and a fee for service in the same application. Either is acceptable, but not both.

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