Katrina Rice

I’ve been with ArtsNL for over 20 years and continue to be motivated by the arts provincially, nationally, and internationally. While there is no singular answer to everyone’s questions, I’m always available to listen and assist anyone trying to navigate ArtsNL’s programs.

I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts and a Bachelor of Fine Arts Education from the NSCAD University (with a focus on weaving). I also have IT development skills from server/networks to website creation, and experience operating arts businesses. There was a time I thought I would be a textile artist working alone in my studio, but my non-linear journey took me from setting up a loom to weave as an artist, to teaching, to creating backend networks. All these skills came together in 2002, when I started working at ArtsNL.

Through my broad history and curious nature, I sincerely want artists to feel welcome at ArtsNL. I’m here to assist breaking down the language of applications, reviewing and editing descriptions, and advising on budgets. I appreciate that artists, arts groups, and arts organizations do the endlessly difficult work, both physically and mentally, to constantly reimagine what art can be, while creating magic along the way.

I love the transformation of the arts sector, the integral importance of the arts in life, and working one-on-one with artists. It can be a challenging position at times, but it is an honour to work with artists and arts administrators daily.

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