2020 – Jennifer Young

Young, whose work primarily encompasses two mediums — oil and encaustic — created a series of works reflecting the geographic and topographical diversity of the province, embracing bays, ponds, valleys, and bogs. To create these works, Young began with a contour map of the area and developed each piece using
the lines on the map, selecting colours to represent the season of the year to reflect the feeling in time, dimension, line, and space. Each map was created by laying down many layers of encaustic medium,
painting lines for each contour, and using layers to represent the spectrum of colour for the season. The works were then sculpted using hand tools that expose lower layers and reveal the depth painted throughout the pieces. Young says her work allows her to express her understanding and expression of place in quite
different ways. Her oil painting style is “painterly” and moves between brush and pallet knife depending on the wind, waves, and movement of the piece, while her encaustic work is “much more abstract as it flows with the heating and application of the wax.”

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