RELEASE: ArtsNL Professional Project Grants – Fall 2021

Dec 20, 2021


December 20, 2021 (St. John’s, NL) – ArtsNL has awarded $1,049,818 in grants to 98 artistic projects through its Professional Project Grants Program (PPGP). Funding for the PPGP is provided through ArtsNL’s annual contribution of $5 million from the Provincial Government for granting programs, program delivery, operations, and communications.  

“The abundance of practicing artists in the province has once again been demonstrated by the calibre of applications received for the PPGP’s fall session,” says Melanie Martin, Executive Director of ArtsNL. “The demand for grants from this program is high, which is an indicator of the robust cultural sector in Newfoundland and Labrador. ”

The successful applicants for 2021-22 are:


Joshua Murphy (St. John’s) $5,390
Kim White (St. John’s) $6,000


Andrya Duff (St. John’s) $15,000
Jenn Edwards (Labrador City) $15,000
Sarah Joy Stoker (Holyrood) $8,000


Stephen Cadigan (Logy Bay) $6,000
Dominique Jean (St. John’s) $5,875
Shara Desiree King (St. John’s) $6,000
Lynn Panting (St. John’s) $6,000
Percy Ponniuk (Happy Valley-Goose Bay) $6,000


Tony Butt (St. John’s) $10,144
Tom Cochrane (Norris Point) $14,206
Patrick Condon (Gander) $14,605
Amelia Curran (St. John’s) $14,250
Brad Glover (St. John’s) $15,000
Ken Pittman (Pouch Cove) $11,250
Dave Sullivan (Portugal Cove–St. Philip’s) $11.250
Anna Wheeler (St. John’s) $14,206


Violet Drake (St. John’s) $6,000
Joy Hecht (St. John’s) $6,000
Michelle Porter (St. John’s) $6,000


Irwin Davidson (Winnie Churchill) (St. John’s) $14,842
Erika Stephens (St. John’s) $15,000


Jacob Pardy (St. John’s) $3,574
Joshua Roberts (St. John’s) $4,357


Christine Carter (St. John’s) $15,000
Marijin (Manny) Companjen (St. John’s) $6,700
Nicholas Coultas-Clarke (St. John’s) $11,275
Duo Concertante (St. John’s) $15,000
Deantha Edmunds-Ramsay (St. John’s) $15,000
Elita (St. John’s) $12,387
Damian Follett (Paradise) $15,000
Peter Gardner (Portugal Cove–St. Philip’s) $5,950
Danielle Hamel (St. John’s) $8,000
Mike Herriott (St. John’s) $15,000
Florian Hoefner (St. John’s) $12,130
John Moran (St. John’s) $14,770
Patrick Moran (St. John’s) $11,500
Pamela Morgan (Torbay) $15,000
Denis Parker (St. John’s) $8,500
Nicole Paulo (Nico Paulo) (St. John’s) $15,000
Ptarmageddon (Labrador City) $15,000
Sherry Ryan (St. John’s) $15,000
Jodee Richardson (St. John’s) $13,298
Rube & Rake (St. John’s) $15,000
Jamal Tinkov (St. John’s) $6,500


Marie Pike (Mount Pearl) $6,000


Lois Brown (St. John’s) $7,850
Devon Bryan (St. John’s) $11,884
Mallory Fisher (St. John’s) $15,000
Darren Ivany (St. John’s) $6,000
Tara Manuel (Corner Brook) $15,000
Michael Hammond (St. John’s) $14,706
Timothy Matson (St. John’s) $15,000
Michael Smith (St. John’s) $4,990
Erika Squires (St. John’s) $15,000
Charlie Tomlinson (St. John’s) $15,000


Cory Babstock (Clarenville) $5,857
Lori Deeley (Kippens) $2,082
Sarah Hannon (St. John’s) $6,000
Barbara Houston (Bonavista) $6,000
Drew Pardy (St. John’s) $6,000
Kelsey Street (Corner Brook) $6,000
Lily Taylor (St. John’s) $6,000
Jessica Winters (Makkovik) $4,055


Olivia Ball (Norris Point) $12,910
Hazel May Eckert (St. John’s) $15,000
Malin Enström (St. John’s) $13,573
Audrey Feltham (Deer Lake) $13,445
Pam Hall (St. John’s) $15,000
Benjy Kean (St. John’s) $8,200
Philippa Jones (St. John’s) $15,000
Kevin Melanson (St. John’s) $5,736
Shan Pomeroy (St. John’s) $2,300
Veselina Tomova (St. John’s) $15,000
Jennifer Young & Jean Wills (St. John’s & Corner Brook) $6,127


Michael Fardy (St. John’s) $6,000
Cathia Finkel (St. John’s) $6,000
Geoffrey Pevlin (St. John’s) $6,000
William Ping (St. John’s) $6,000
Olivia Robinson (St. John’s) $500


Michelle Butler Hallett (St. John’s) $15,000
Mark Callanan (St. John’s) $15,000
Megan Gail Coles (St. John’s) $15,000
Marin Darmonkow (St. John’s) $10,000
Terry Doyle (St. John’s) $14,000
Helen Escott (St. John’s) $14,594
Beth Follett (St. John’s) $15,000
Nicole Haldoupis (St. John’s) $15,000
Katherine Alexandra Harvey (St. John’s) $15,000
Greg Malone (St. John’s) $13,000
Elisabeth de Mariaffi (St. John’s) $15,000
Trudy Morgan-Cole (St. John’s) $10,000
Rhea Rollman (St. John’s) $15,000
Paul Rowe (St. John’s) $12,000
Caighlan Smith (St. John’s) $13,000
Paul Whittle (St. John’s) $12,000
Ava Woolf (Harbour Grace) $15,000

The Professional Project Grants Program provides grants for artistic projects involving creation, production, or professional development. Practicing artists and groups working in dance, film, multidiscipline arts, music, theatre, visual arts, and writing are welcome to apply for funding. Grants are awarded through a competitive application process and applications are assessed by committees of artistic peers who have expertise in the relevant artistic disciplines.

The PPGP has two grant deadlines a year: one in the spring and one in the fall. The next deadline for the program will be Tuesday, March 15, 2022, and applications can be submitted via ArtsNL’s Online Application System.

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The Newfoundland and Labrador Arts Council (now known as ArtsNL) is a non-profit Crown agency created in 1980 by The Arts Council Act. Its mission is to foster and promote the creation and enjoyment of the arts for the benefit of all Newfoundlanders and Labradorians. The Council is governed by a volunteer board of 13 appointed by government, reflecting regional representation of the province. This includes 10 professional artists who provide sectoral representation of the arts community; two community representatives (with an interest in the arts); and one representative of the Department of Tourism, Culture, Arts and Recreation (non-voting). ArtsNL receives an annual allocation of $5 million from the Province to support a variety of granting programs, program delivery, office administration, and communications. It also seeks support from the public and private sector. It supports the following artistic disciplines: dance, film, multidiscipline, music, theatre, visual art, and writing.


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